Most common, longest phrases from The Big Lebowski

A couple months ago, I ran a quick text segmentation analysis on the script of The Big Lebowski (stripping out the notes and character names to get just the spoken words). Click through for the full list, but the top results are pretty great…

PhraseWord CountFrequency
this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass122
he lives in north hollywood on radford near the in-and-out burger112
it’s a complicated case maude lotta ins lotta outs92
so what the fuck are you talking about82
what the fuck are you talking about76
what the fuck is he talking about72
we know that this is your homework72
we throw the money out of the72
you’re out of your element this chinaman72
could you slide your shorts down please72
larry is this your homework larry is72
the fuck are you talking about67
what the fuck are you talking67
he’s a good man and thorough63
her life is in your hands63
fuck a stranger in the ass63
walter shut the fuck up donny63
i don’t like your jerk off62
i fuck you i fuck you62
but am i wrong yeah but62
this chinaman is not the issue62
and let me tell you something62
and beat it out of him62
what the fuck’re you talking about62
face down in the muck so62

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Video Podcast of Sussman & Abelson's 1986 SICP Lectures

Having seen these turn up on Hacker News the other day, I wanted to get them onto my tablet. And since MIT’s OpenCourseware site doesn’t publish to iTunesU, I figured a video podcast would probably be the best way to watch them.

I’ve only watch the first one, but these are very good, and not really dated at all (outside of the clothes).

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As some wag put it, houses in Mayfair are now bitcoins for oligarchs.

Alex Proud

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I’m rethinking possible.

I’m rethinking possible.

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Jeff Goldblum’s Jurassic Park laugh. As a ringtone.

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Joel: i'm pretty sure if nic cage died tomorrow and it was like a drug overdose or something, i'd not actually believe it happened
Joel: tupac, etc

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Every time I buy a Radiohead album, I have a moment where I say to myself, “Maybe this is the one that will suck.” But it never does. I wonder if it’s even possible for them to be bad on record.

Dave Matthews

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Questlove explains how Black Star got the beat for Little Brother from J Dilla. Awesome story.

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Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

John Watson

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Panasonic PanaSync/Pro P70

Neo’s monitor at his apartment in The Matrix. 1600x1280… not bad.

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